Unfortunately on Wednesday I was not able to go to sleep until about 3:00 in the morning, and it turns out Thursday had to be one of does rare occasions when Kira wakes up early in the morning, this is Parenthood

One question at a time!

Thursday 5:40 a.m.
Kira comes to my side of the bed.
Kira: "Hi mommy, are you sleeping?" or are you awake?
I tried to pretend that I was sleeping to see if she would go back to her bed
Kira: "mommy, are you sleeping??"
Ok, I give up… Yes my darling, I was sleeping but you wake me up, why are you awake?
Kira: "I was sleeping and I wake up"
Can you go back to sleep?
Kira: "Can I stay with you mommy" (I knew this was not going well, she never goes to sleep with us)
OK she laid down next to me and 5 seconds later started to sing and play with her hands. Shortly afterwards:
Kira: "mom can I go potty" (she Knows how to go and sit in the toilet; she would go, do what she has to do and then call when she is done so that we can go, clean her, and get her out)
Go baby girl. A few minutes go by and she comes back. Kira you told me you had to go potty
Kira: "I did go and did pee, and I cleaned myself"
You what?? so I get up, check her, she is clean. I go to the bathroom and it was all good. Great Job my baby Girl You went to the bathroom all by yourself.
Great Accomplishment! After this, nobody is going back to sleep. We go out of the room and into the kitchen to start making breakfast.
Kira: "mommy why is baby in your belly"
Because all babies come from mommies bellies. Not sure that she was totally convinced but it was OK for now. A few hours go by and it's a normal day.
Kira: "But mommy how did baby get inside your belly?" (what triggered that questions, I don't know. She was playing and then just asked)
Hey Kira, do you want to go to the swimming pool (She loves the pool, I knew that she was going to be excited about it). Ok, that was not that bad... And we go to the public swimming pool.
We get there and see to little boys playing, we did not know any of them, but kids make friends very fast, and shortly afterward Kira was talking to them. After a while one of the boys get's out of the pool and right there in the garden starts peeing (his mom did go as fast as possible and took him into the restroom) but the damage was already done.
Kira: "Oh, what is that?" (Pointing to his private part)
Baby girl, I've told you that only girls have (this), and that is what boys have.
Kira: "But, but what is that?"
Kira, let's swim, look let's play with the rings. We play and swim, the little boy comes back...
Kira: "Mommy, he was doing p.., but why was he standing?"
Boys stand when they go and do P. Here is the red ring, let swim to the blue one, let go swim and play.
Ok, I think we are pass all of it, we go into the shower:
Kira: "Do I have a baby in my belly"
No, you don't. You have food in your belly.
Kira: "Why don't I have a baby in my belly"
You need to be a mommy to have a baby in your belly. Look at the water, let's finish taking a shower.

Oh, and this is only what I can remember.

Parenthood just get's more and more interesting by the minute, I'm sure this is not the end of all the questions that we have coming our way, her curious mind is just now starting to explore more and more, and has left us trying to figure out how to answer many questions.

Now to prepare ourselves for the next day she wakes up with the curious hat on, or playing 20 questions.

What are some of the interesting questions that your little ones have asked you? and what has been your reaction / answer?

And our #countdown continues:

RE: One Accomplishment and a few very Interesting Questions from a 2 year old
LOL I avoid questions like that too. Still not sure my youngest boys know that girls are different down there,
RE: One Accomplishment and a few very Interesting Questions from a 2 year old
It is amazing how they love to chat at the wrong times!! :D

Still, loved the conversation..LOL at the interest in boy parts!!
RE: One accomplishment and a few very interesting questions from a 2 year old.
Well it seems she would start to ask more questions, but when Elena start asking she had a brother in the house, and what it's that started.... Hang in there