Needless to say that the rubber bands need to be refelled every so often, that is until we were asked to try and review this package that brings 7,200 Rubber Band Refill from Rainbow Braid. If you follow this blog, you may already know that while we are not extremes, we do like to be careful and do what we can to avoid sickness and try to go for the more natural or non-toxic items.

That being said, as I was researching the rubber band package that we were offered the first thing that I really like about these rubber bands is that they have been Lab Tested (Independently) right here in the USA and contain no lead or phthalates, and they are also latex free. That gave me the first tranquility to know that we can let our girls play with them freely and be able to use their imagination while I am not wearied about additional toxins.

7200 Band MEGA Loom Band - Kaylee with using bracelet

We were really impressed with the amount of rubber bands, the variety of colors, and the quality of the rubber bands in the package. It was great that it includes 500 clips so we don’t have to search and order them separately and even a few beads.

7200 Band MEGA Loom Band Refill Pack 7200 Band MEGA Loom Band - Our new ring

The process and the end result of making braid bands with these rubber bands is great, since they have very good stretch and good memory shape, we have only had one breakage and I think that the little one (Almost 2year old) in the house had much to do with it, although I will admit that the translucent ones don’t seem to hold as much stretch as the opaque ones, but they have not snapped so far. The girls and myself have had so much fun making not only bracelets, but other interesting projects with these bands and it’s been mainly thanks to the excellent material and great colors that were included in the Rainbow Braid 7200 Band MEGA Loom Band Refill Set .

7200 Band MEGA Loom Band - Some of our bracelets 7200 Band MEGA Loom Band - One of our Cross bracelet

This is now our favorite refill package and we have it in our easy access tool, without a doubt the best package we have used so far.

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Very nice, maybe one day we can meet up and my girls can be with your girls and teach each other. Great job