Teaching as we go, is part of our educational style, chores is par of it!
 We give her small tasks; to start, she always has to pickup her toys everyday before we go out, before naptime and bedtime; she also has to fix her bed and put her dishes in the sink when she is done with her food/drink.
Little helper - Vacuum CleanningAs I clean the house, Kira follows… Asking to help “can I help mommy, pleaseee mommy”, what do I do, I let her “help”, I will admit at first it’s more work than help, but it does not take long for her to learn to do things by herself, at this point she has learn to run the vacuum in an open space by herself (she can actually clean the leaving room) and is really helping, not bad for a 2 year old. 
Little helper - Drying her hair. LOL
Now she is trying to learn how to blow dry her hair. We will se how that goes.
And we always have Fun!...

Kids are kids, no matter what, so we have to remember to have fun with them and show them the happy part of everything we do.

Little helper - In a bagFolded blankets and curtains and we were pushing them down, and Kira was “helping” until she ended up inside the bag, we  helped her get comfy, and had a good laugh about it. It was a good day.


Little helper - Ready to go!

Feel free to leave us a comment, or if you have any questions, just ask away.

What a cuttie! I have a two year old who does the same! He's such a little helper :) cindy
Thank you!
Aren't they adorable...
Glad you stopped by, I'm headed to "My Chocolate Peaces" right now, hope to keep in touch.
Chocolate Mom says...
I think I have one of those helpers at my house. :) Coming to you from the blog hop.