I really don't think things can get any easier than this, really if you know how to spread butter on a slice of bread you will be able to do this recipe. There are not set amounts as it is all about taste, it depends of how much nutella you like on your spread.

Ready in: 5 minutes + 20 Minutes (Basic Crepe)  |  Complexity: Very Easy
Crepe Ice cream and Nutella
  1. Place a tablespoon of Nutella in the center of a whole wheat crepe, and warm it up for five or six seconds in the microwave oven (you can use a frying pan).
  2. Now the Nutella will be nice and warm, spread it out
  3. Add a scoop or two of the vanilla ice cream.
  4. At this point you may rolled it and then cut it in half to create presentation number 1 (First Picture)
  5. Or in a separate small bowl add a tablespoon of Nutella and put in microwave oven (I did not melt it and you can see it did not go down the ice-cream as intended) for a few seconds then pour over the ice-cream and serve as is (presentation number 2) shown in the picture to your right.
We love Crepes!!

Enjoy!! our Nutella and Ice-cream Crepe
RE: Nutella & Ice-cream Crepe #Recipe
That looks delicious! I really shouldn't look up recipes when i'm hungry - now I'll crave it until I make it. Proves sometimes the simple things, can be the best things! Thanks for sharing this, guess i'm off to the store!